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Nga Rakau Nurseries are specialist wholesale growers of seedlings, with production nurseries located in Massey and Taupaki in Auckland.
We grow plugs for
Our goal is to supply you with:
  • the right numbers
  • the right quality
  • at the right time
We deliver with our own trucks to the greater Auckland area.
We freight plants all over New Zealand.
Vegetable Transplants
We grow vegetable transplants for commercial growers. Much of our volume is Lettuce, but we also grow all the brassicas, Tomatoes, Capsicums and Chillies, Cucumbers, Eggplants and Chinese Cabbage, as well as herbs.
Our standard tray for vege transplants is the 144 tray. We also use the 200 tray.
Bedding Plugs
We grow bedding seedlings for nursery growers. These are mostly done in the 338 and 200 cell trays.
Cut Flower Plugs
Cut flower seedling are generally done in the 200 cell tray.
Revege Plugs
We grow a wide range of natives from seed.
Forestry Plugs
We specialise in Redwoods and clonal Pine.
Manuka for Honey
We grow manuka seedlings in a forestry grade for planting for honey production.
We grow a wide range of herbs from seed.
Council Bedding
We grow a larger grade of bedding (potted colour) for council contracts. These are generally grown in a 7cm pot.
From time to time we have limited numbers of spare plants. Email for a current spares list.

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Nga Rakau Nurseries was founded by the Beaumont family in the 1930s, on the block of land at Mudgeways Rd in Massey which is still the home base. It began as an open ground nursery, growing pip and stone fruit, shelter, hedging and some tree species.

Today Nga Rakau is a specialist plug or cell-tray nursery with a diverse product range covering vegetables, flowering annuals, perennials, cut flower lines, herbs, native and revege species, and some forestry lines.

Currently Nga Rakau is in the hands of the third Beaumont generation - Mark Struthers is a grandson of the original owners. The nursery manager is Greg Palmer.

The nursery and office are at Mudgeways Rd, with a second site ten kilometres away, with a 70 x 60 m Harford greenhouse, and a similar sized area outside for finishing. The new nursery is a state-of-the art development, with rolling benches and considerable automation.

The standard tray for commercial vegetable growing has 144 cells. Other vegetable lines grown by Nga Rakau include tomatoes, capsicums and chillies, cucumbers, eggplants and Chinese cabbage, as well as herbs. Retail is not supplied. We are commercial and contract growers. We don't do any speculative growing.

Apart from the commercial vegetable, we grow flowering annuals and perennials for local body contracts and as growing on lines for other nurseries.

In the revege / native sector, we grow a wide range of varieties from seed. Our barcoded tracking system ensures traceability from arrival of seed through to despatch of plants. We can source a good range of quality seed from our suppliers, while some customers prefer to supply their own eco-sourced seed.

For the forestry market we grow clonal Redwoods and clonal Radiata, as well as a large variety of other standard forestry lines.

Nga Rakau Nurseries Ltd

Street    2 Mudgeways Road, Massey, Auckland
Post 2 Mudgeways Road, Massey, Auckland
Phone +64 9 833 8046
Fax +64 9 833 7505

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